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Food industry operations are desirable to rodents and roaches as well. They should be dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid any situations involving your personnel or customers.

Our highly trained, certified pest control specialists will inspect your building or home from the ground up and provide the solution to free it of annoying and possibly dangerous pests.

Common infestations:

Termites, Roaches, Flying Insects, Ants,
Rats, Fire ants, Mosquitoes, Wasps,
Hornets, Rats, Mice,

Safe for People and Pets

AAA Termite and Pest Control Service use only environmentally friendly insecticides applied safely and by manufacturers and EPA guidelines.

Scheduled Maintenance

When it comes to households and businesses, pest prevention is the best policy. Once pests have gained a foothold in your building, they are far more difficult to exterminate. Regularly scheduled preventative treatments by AAA Termite and Pest Control Service can save you both time and money. Our pest control professionals will make scheduled inspections and follow-up treatments to ensure your home or business stays pest-free year-round.

Fighting Termites

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Termites can cause serious damage and threaten entire livelihoods. Learn how to fight termites before it’s too late.

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Get Rid Of Ants

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With the onset of spring warmth and summer, ants can become a significant problem in the house, especially for those who live, for example, on the lower floors of an apartment building or in a private home.

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Tips Against Flies

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As soon as a pest controller has to move out, the question arises for many: Who bears the costs – tenant or landlord?
To help you with this critical question, we have put together the most important information for you

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Rodent Services

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The question of the cost of pest control is a common question. Many home and business owners are unsure about this when they need professional pest removal help.

Since several factors contribute to calculating pest control price, it isn’t easy to publish figures here.

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Chemical Control

Unbelievable Results

Protection from Rodents

A rat can simultaneously act as a pest for storage, materials and health. It is important to know the most important rat species since a rat such as the brown rat is not infrequently confused with house mouse, vole/muskrat or marten. We tell you which rat species you should know in America and clarify, also with the help of photos and pictures, how the appearance of the most important rat species differs.


Do you have a mouse problem and are thinking of using a mousetrap, mouse poison or mouse bait, live traps or snap traps to tackle the mice? Or do you even want to drive the mice away with modern ultrasound waves or first catch the mice and then release them far away from your own home?

Housefly & Flying Insects

An insect bite irritates the skin. As soon as insects bite, they inject their saliva to prevent blood clotting. The defence reaction of our immune system to this saliva causes well-known itching.

Parasites spread serious diseases in many parts of the world. When travelling to tropical countries, be sure to take precaution with vaccinations and avoid unnecessary dangers. In our native latitudes, insects are unlikely to transmit life-threatening diseases.

Cleansing the Internal & External

We Elevate Quality Standards

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Killing Methods

  • Rodenticides
  • Snap traps
  • Ultra-sonic device
  • Bird of prey
  • Rodent-destroying animals
  • Home remedies

Pesticide Sprays

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Control Methods

  • Home remedies
  • Rodent-destroying animals
  • Bird of prey
  • Ultra-sonic device
  • Snap Traps
  • Rodenticides

Rodents Breed Quickly


Destroy Methods

  • Snap Traps
  • Ultra-sonic device
  • Rodenticides
  • Bird of prey
  • Home remedies
  • Rodent-destroying animals

Cockroaches Removal


Our Coverage is All Inclusive!

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2 Chemical Pest Control
3 Rodent Pest Control Methods
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5 Additional Pest Control
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AAA Termites and Pest Control
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Xpest Offers Different Types of Control

Natural to Chemical

Pest Control-Agriculture
Pest Control-Residential Needs
Pest Control-Commercial Requirements
Mechanical Pest Control
Mechanical Pest Control 45%
Biological Pest Control 58%
Natural Pest Control 65%
Chemical Pest Control 90%

Long Term Health Benefits

Sleep without Worrying

Bed bugs are one of the parasites with which you least want to share your warm bed. Because bed bugs can bite people in their sleep and suck their blood. We will tell you how to clearly identify the insects, fight the bed bugs and get rid of them as soon as possible.