Ants can be used as combatants on the farm, with which ants can usually be combated effectively and sustainably, and ant plagues can be prevented. For this purpose, there are liquid ant preparations, granulates or ant baits for effective ant control. However, if these agents do not help and the infestation spreads into a plague, expert help is required.

First signs of an infestation

  • Visible single ants.
  • Ant trails on your property.
  • Tiny heaps of earth as an indication of earthwork.
  • Crumbs from different materials (e.g. wood, building materials).
  • Visible swarms of flying ants in summer.

Possible damage

  • Food contamination
  • Infestation of hospitals, kindergartens, etc.
  • Pollution of sterile environments
  • Risk of accident from loose pavement slabs and loose cobblestones
  • Destruction of structural timber components

Economic consequences

  • Loss of contaminated goods, i.e. loss of goods
  • Necessary replacement of heavily damaged wooden components in buildings
  • Endangerment of patients in hospitals as well as the risk of spreading pathogens through pharaoh ants
  • Loss of confidence as the suspicion of poor hygiene damages your reputation.

Professional ant control

While several self-help solutions (commercial ant control agents, ant bait) are available for combating common lawn ants and black-grey ants, the control of pharaoh ants or fire ants is a matter for pest experts.

Our pest controllers are specially designed for Trained combatants, understand their habits and behaviour and coordinate the control and use of various methods or means of pest control accordingly.

Rentokil offers you an on-call service that deals with ants problems and other problems with pests on your farm. It is discreet, fast, effective and guarantees you, your goods, processes and employees the most excellent possible protection and security against ants.


  • Identification of the ant species.
  • We are securing all entrances, sealing of entry possibilities, removal of odour sources.
  • Use of professional insecticides to control ants and reduce infestation.
  • AAA Termite and Pest Control service agreements to ensure that qualified pest controllers carry out normal infestation controls.