It starts in spring. In search of sugary or protein-rich food, ants invade buildings and prefer to infect food. Anyone who discovers ants in their own home should take the danger seriously. Some species of ants are material and health pests, which can pose a risk that should not be underestimated: from loose terrace slabs in the garden, contaminated food in the kitchen to destroyed wooden components. So what can you do about ants? We show which species of ants are dangerous, whether specific home remedies help against ants and why it is essential to leave the control to the professionals in the event of a real ants plague.

Recognise ants infestation

How to identify harmful species of ants

Tips & remedies against ants

How do I prevent ants infestation?

Protect your company from ants infestation

Please don’t take chances when it comes to your company’s reputation or your product operations. When the ant plague gets out of hand, professional ant control is required. We tell you when it is often only the professional who can effectively control ants. So fight ants by the professional.

Find out how you can avoid an infestation.