Bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius as they are scientifically called, have become an increasing pest problem in recent years. Most people bring them home as holiday souvenirs or by buying old furniture. The main reason why they are spreading so rapidly is that travellers transport the tiny parasites from place to place in their luggage unnoticed, thus causing the blood-sucking bugs to spread. Not long afterwards, the first bites appear. Bed bugs are always a particular challenge and should therefore permanently be removed by professional pest controllers. 

Only professional pest control can provide practical help with bed bug infestations. You can find more detailed information on the following topics here:

  • How do you spot bed bugs?
  • How to deal with bed bugs
  • Fight and eliminate bed bugs.
  • AAA Termite and Pest Control 3-pillar bed bug program for hotels
  • Frequently asked questions about bed bugs

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Recognize bed bugs

Most people are initially downright shocked when there is a concrete suspicion of a bed bug infestation. Although you repeatedly notice annoying red stitches or bites on the skin, bed bugs are usually not seen. For this reason, it makes sense first to know which opponent you are dealing with and what effects an infestation can have.

The bed bug is a crawling insect and is visible to the naked eye. The bed bug is flat in colour but looks a little plump when it has just finished a blood meal. An adult bug is 5 to 7 mm long.

Bed bugs cannot fly and hide in crevices in furniture, beds (mattresses, feet, behind the headboard) and, if they are heavily infested, even in the parquet. They prefer dark places and tend to hide when you turn on the lights.

Fight bed bugs now!

Found bed bugs? Act fast!

Bed bugs feed on blood throughout their life cycle. They cause very unpleasant bites that, in some cases, can provoke allergic reactions.

Bed bugs are attracted to heat and the CO 2 released by humans. This makes places where we spend the night often (the bed we sleep in and the surrounding area) an ideal source of food for them.

You may see marks such as black spots (faeces), red spots (blood), or peeling residue on your mattress: these are often signs of bed bug infestation. However, there are times when there are no other signs other than actual bed bug sightings.

Recognize bed bugs

How to recognize bed bug symptoms.

Bed bug bites/stings

Was I bitten or stung by a bed bug?

How to deal with bed bugs

To determine unequivocally whether your home is infested with bed bugs, it is essential to know the typical signs and correctly interpret the first signs. This also includes the knowledge of frequent hiding places of bed bugs since they usually hide in all conceivable cracks, crevices, and cavities during the day.

If such detection is thriving at an early stage, the chances of a quick and uncomplicated control increase since otherwise, bed bugs can spread rapidly to neighbouring rooms and ultimately throughout the house. 

AAA Termite and Pest Control combat bed bugs sustainably and safely. The combination with heat minimizes the use of insecticides and reliably battles bed bug infestation.

Fight and eliminate bed bugs.

If the evidence of bed bug infestation accumulates, good advice is expensive. Now it comes down to the correct behaviour. The most crucial tip in advance: Under no circumstances should you try to solve the problem yourself through thoughtless control measures and so-called home remedies against bed bugs. It won’t work. What should I do if I have a bed bug infestation?

A professional exterminator can only ensure successful bed bug control.

The treatment is very complex. If bed bug control is not carried out carefully and correctly, there is a risk that the bed bug infestation cannot be eliminated, and the typical infestation symptoms reappear in a short time. AAA Termite and Pest Control offer several methods to control bed bugs and prevent them from spreading effectively.

Our control methods help private individuals and companies (e.g. hotels) eliminate bed bug infestation professionally. We work regionally and nationwide. With the AAA Termite and Pest Control Entotherm heating process, our exterminators use heat to eliminate bed bugs, making it possible to kill all life cycle stages.

Prevent bed bugs

Learn how to prevent an infestation

Do I have bed bugs?

More about their appearance, behaviour and development

Bed bug control

Professional and safe: professional bed bug control

The AAA Termite and Pest Control 3-pillar bed bug program for hotels

Today, travellers attach great importance to the reputation of a hotel or inn and the opinions of other guests on specialized websites or social networks. One single comment mentioning bed bugs will put your guests off. If you are a manager or owner of a Hotels, one Youth hostel pension or one For boarding schools, you need to act quickly to maintain your institution’s reputation and protect your customers and residents.

Bed bugs are stubborn, and their control is exceptionally challenging. With the AAA Termite and Pest Control 3-pillar bed bug program, we offer you systematic help against bed bugs by, on the one hand, minimizing your risk of becoming a victim of bed bug infestation and you Providing others with the certainty that if the worst comes to the worst, AAA Termite and Pest Control is the right partner for quick and effective bed bug control.

Bed bug training

  1. Sensitization of relevant personnel areas such as room staff through training on the subject of bed bugs.
  2. Special training courses for hotel management.
  3. Guide to “Complaint management in the event of bed bug infestation”.
  4. Provision of suitable educational materials such as leaflets and brochures.
  5. Objective: The early detection of bed bugs prevents further spread and, as a result, reduces the effort and costs due to downtime of the affected rooms and bed bug control.

Preventive inspections

  • Regular room inspections by AAA Termite and Pest Control bed bug experts
  • Recommended inspection cycle: at least twice a year
  • Localization of infestation areas
  • Expert control of purchased furniture to prevent the introduction
  • Aim: The sooner an infestation is detected by our trained experts, the sooner the problem can be solved with targeted bed bug control

Help with bed bug infestations.

  1. AAA Termite and Pest Control service readiness in case of bed bug infestation under Tel. 0800/1718176.
  2. Support with guest complaints.
  3. Identification of bed bugs.
  4. Efficient, discreet bed bug control using the tried and tested AAA Termite and Pest Control combination method.
  5. Inspection and, if necessary, treatment of the neighbouring rooms.