Cockroaches & cockroaches

Cockroaches, also popularly called cockroaches, are usually one of the most disgusting insect species. Cockroaches can transmit a wide variety of diseases to humans. For example, cockroach droppings can cause asthma and eczema. Children, senior citizens and sick people are particularly at risk from cockroaches.

A large number of cockroach species from the Blattidae family are commonly referred to as cockroaches or cockroaches. This is because cockroaches are attracted to human habitation and also fall under the storage pests.

Cockroach infestation does not arise due to poor hygiene or cleanliness, but cockroaches are usually brought into the house via food packaging, used kitchen appliances or with holiday luggage.

The living conditions for a cockroach in houses and apartments are almost ideal: Central heating ensures comfortable temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, kitchen waste, leftover food and water in the kitchen give the cockroaches an almost paradisiacal state.

Only professional pest control agents can provide practical help against cockroach infestations. However, you can find more detailed information on the following topics here:

  • Problems with cockroaches?
  • Protect your company from cockroach infestations
  • Frequently asked questions about cockroaches
  • Differentiation of cockroach species

As well as other topics related to cockroach control.

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Problems with cockroaches?

Learn more about the way of life of cockroaches to act appropriately in an infestation. The independent fight requires good Knowledge of the pest and the products to be used. If the problem persists, please call for free advice or make an appointment with one of our experts: they will give you advice and help you get rid of the cockroaches.

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The tricky thing: Like bed bugs, cockroaches are masters of the game of hide-and-seek and hide in all potential gaps, cracks and joints, preferably behind kitchen units, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. The consequences of a cockroach infestation are often fatal: undetected, cockroaches multiply at breakneck speed and infest adjacent rooms and apartments through pipe and cable ducts. Now at the latest, fast, professional cockroach control is required.

Tips against a cockroach infestation

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Cockroaches are a significant problem, especially for food processing companies, restaurants, catering establishments or wellness facilities. Here you will find optimal living conditions. And speed is of the essence in combating them.

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Frequently asked questions about cockroaches.

  • How do I recognise cockroaches?
  • The following signs, among others, can identify a cockroach problem:
    • Cockroach droppings
    • Unusual and intense odour – caused by excretions
    • Smudges
    • Moults
    • Cockroach egg packets – the so-called oothecae
    • Damage from cockroaches such as nibbled packaging
    • Actual sightings of live or dead cockroaches or their body parts in kitchens, laundry rooms, drains, roof voids or damp basements
  • You can find more information on our page about the Signs of a cockroach infestation.
  • Where can I find cockroaches?
  • Some species of cockroach prefer warmer, humid areas, while others prefer more relaxed conditions. They can be found in the following areas in a building:
    • Kitchen:  cupboards, hidden areas under sinks, behind household appliances such as dishwashers, in kitchen appliances
    • Bathroom:  Behind cabinets, around pipes, in drains and hard-to-reach / hidden dark places
    • Washrooms:  In cupboards under washbasins, around the sanitary facilities, in hidden rooms in washing machines and dryers
    • Basement:  In cracks and crevices in walls and floors, under floorboards, in cardboard boxes/boxes and stacks of paper material
    • Drains:  in drains where cockroaches could enter through damaged seals or pipes and gaps around the pipes
    • Outside:  Under the floor covering, in undisturbed areas in outbuildings, in landfills
  • You can find more information on our page about the Signs of the cockroach infestation.

Which cockroaches are common in America?

  • Among the many species of cockroaches, which are mostly harmless, only a few species could be really annoying and possibly dangerous. The most common types of cockroaches are as follows:
  • You can find more information on the Cockroach species page in our pest lexicon.
  • Can cockroaches fly?
  • Most cockroaches have wings, but not all fly. Some tend to glide over short distances instead of flying:
    • Oriental and German cockroaches do not fly.
    • Adult American cockroaches glide over short distances
    • Brown-banded and Australian cockroaches fly
  • How can I prevent cockroaches?
  • Roaches are attracted to food, water, and nesting opportunities in homes and businesses. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent cockroaches is to prevent them from accessing them:
    • Eliminate food sources:  clear away liquids and loose food; dispose of rubbish that contains leftover food; empty your bins regularly.
    • Clean Regularly:  Remove traces of food and beverages from countertops, floors, walls, kitchen appliances, and places where food is stored or consumed
    • Keep your house tidy: stow your belongings and do not allow boxes or newspapers, for example, to pile up excessively to reduce the possibility of hiding places for cockroaches.
    • Upkeep: The general upkeep of the building will help prevent cockroaches from entering and leave them no place to hide
  • You can find more tips and recommendations on our page about Cockroach prevention.
  • How can I get rid of cockroaches?
  • Several remedies can be purchased in stores that can help with mild infestations.
  • However, professional treatment is the most effective way to eliminate cockroach infestations in your home or business, especially in food businesses and healthcare, where hygiene standards are required by law.
  • Learn more about how you can Get rid of cockroaches.
  • What can you do about cockroaches?
  • Our pest control experts have several effective treatments for cockroach infestation and are trained to locate all of the cockroach breeding sites and the causes of the infestation. We can also provide detailed recommendations to prevent an infestation from happening again.
  • Professional treatments include a more comprehensive range of insecticide sprays and powders, as well as cockroach bait and fumigation that kill all stages of the cockroach’s life (egg to adult) and are pesticide-free.
  • Learn more about how to get rid of cockroaches.
  • What remedies are there against cockroaches?
  • As a professional pest control company, we have a wide range of highly effective insecticides and insect control products that provide practical solutions to a cockroach infestation. This includes:
    • Insecticide sprays
    • Insecticide powder
    • Glue traps
    • Insecticide bait
    • Fumigation process
  • If you want more recommendations on how to get rid of cockroaches, contact us.
  • Do cockroaches bite people?
  • The short answer is, yes, they can bite humans too, but very rarely do. The common cockroaches are omnivores, which means they eat almost anything with organic matter. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat from dead animals and their conspecifics, faeces of all origins, cardboard, paper, glue and leather.
  • If a cockroach can eat leather, it can also bite through human skin. In 2015, researchers from Cambridge University, Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the University of Stuttgart measured an American cockroach’s bite force. They found that its bite was vital for its size. The force was comparable to that of predatory beetles and was around 50 Newtons / cm².
  • Roaches do not actively try to bite people, such as blood-sucking mosquitoes, bed bugs, and fleas. Therefore, you are more likely to flee any encounter with a much larger living being like humans to avoid injury. However, they are opportunistic eaters, and there are a few instances where they have bitten people asleep. However, this is only likely if the infestation is severe.

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We guarantee you the highest level of security, immediate treatment and incomparable service quality. 

We are committed to acting discreetly and not disrupting your daily routine without losing any of our effectiveness. AAA Termites and Pest Control is a certified company, which reflects the quality of our services and products.

As soon as you suspect cockroaches or observe their presence in your house, do not hesitate: call us directly and free of charge at  +330 723-2515  or contact us online. It applies to Detect signs of a cockroach infestation as quickly as possible to prepare for any eventuality.

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The presence of cockroaches doesn’t necessarily have to be a sign of poor hygiene. This insect tends to hide behind furniture, in food packaging, or even in luggage. In addition, cockroaches are constantly in search of moisture and flee from the light. 

Roaches nestle easily in drainpipes, but their favourite place in the house is the kitchen, where food waste piles up. Unfortunately, the ambient temperature of an apartment and home makes this place the perfect nesting place for these pests.

The cockroach control that we offer you is practical. We put our specialist Knowledge and know-how at your disposal to prevent the cockroaches from choosing your house or apartment again. 

We use products that are specific to each type of pest. Then, depending on the building and the case, we intervene differently to ensure greater efficiency. Our experts work with entomologists and biologists on-site to keep the problems away in the long term.

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Rely on a team of experts who are always ready to answer your questions and offer you an incomparable quality of work while respecting your privacy and ensuring your safety. We strive to satisfy you in every way. Speed, efficiency and security are our keywords. 

AAA Termites and Pest Control, active in pest control for over 50 years, supports you with cockroaches in your home in the shortest possible time. However, only professional treatment, such as that proposed by us, guarantees the complete and definitive elimination of this pest.

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