Cockroaches & cockroaches

Cockroaches, also popularly called cockroaches, are usually one of the most nauseating insect species. Cockroaches can transmit a wide variety of diseases to humans. For example, cockroach droppings can cause asthma and eczema. Children, senior citizens and sick people are particularly at risk from cockroaches.

A large number of cockroach species from the Blattidae family are commonly referred to as cockroaches or cockroaches. This is because cockroaches are attracted to human habitation and also fall under the storage pests.

Cockroach infestation does not arise due to poor hygiene or cleanliness, but cockroaches are usually brought into the house via food packaging, used kitchen appliances or with holiday luggage.

The living conditions for a cockroach in houses and apartments are almost ideal: Central heating ensures comfortable temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, kitchen waste, leftover food and water in the kitchen give the cockroaches an almost paradisiacal state.

Only professional pest control agents can provide practical help against cockroach infestations. You can find more detailed information on the following topics here:

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