Driving away wasps: tips on correct behaviour

What helps against wasps? In summer at the latest, the question arises of how to avoid wasps at the set table to finally enjoy the evening after grilling undisturbed.

If you had wasps in the previous year, you would likely be affected again this year. This is because from around May to the beginning of June, most wasps fly off, searching for a suitable nesting place. For this, they often prefer places where wasp nests have already been.

We give you tips and help on the correct behaviour in the event of a “wasp plague” and name products and home remedies to keep wasps permanently away from family and pets.


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What helps against wasps?

To remove annoying wasps as far as possible from one’s living environment, several strategies are required: On the one hand, one should deter the wasps from their location and at the same time distract them to a distant place. In addition, there are some basic rules of conduct to be observed in order not to attract wasps unnecessarily. Help against wasps in detail:

What drives wasps away?

  • Basil or cloved lemons or oranges (sweet fruits) cut into slices can help against wasps. Alternatively, essential oils such as citronella, clove or tea tree oil can be used. The scent should remove the wasps from the table.
  • Another home remedy for wasps is freshly cut garlic cloves, which are said to be just as helpful in keeping wasps away as cloths soaked in celiac and laid out.
  • Removing wasps from indoors can be dangerous. To prevent wasps from entering through the windows, it may be advisable to put up mosquito nets.
  • Wasps don’t like the smell of coffee. To remove wasps from the table, light coffee powder or coffee beans in a fire-proof container. The scent of coffee effectively drives away wasps.
  • The cultivation of tomatoes or basil should help against wasps. The smell drives away wasps as well as mosquitoes and flies.
  • Another home remedy for wasps is incensed.
  • Copper coins are said to drive wasps away. Rub 1, 2 or 5 cent pieces or old 1 or 2 pfennig coins intensively between your hands and place them on the dining table in the sun. The smell that works against wasps arises on the skin. To increase the effect, copper parts can also be placed on the table.

Please note that these are general tips that AAA Termites and Pest Control has neither checked nor recommended and for which we assume no liability.

Wasps remove by distraction.

You can remove wasps from the coffee table by luring them away:

  • To drive away wasps, distraction using a slice of cooked ham, which is laid out as bait at a safe distance, can sometimes help.
  • Another home remedy for using distraction feeding to remove wasps from the table is grapes.

Prevention of nest building

You can prevent wasps from building nests, for example, by:

  • Timely closing of openings, e.g. on roller shutters
  • Keep outdoor areas tidy to avoid voids
  • Securing possible nesting sites with fly screens
Please note that home remedies can never replace professional wasp nest removal. In addition, wasps are under nature protection and may only be removed by a specialist in exceptional cases. If you have a wasp problem, contact us immediately. Together we will find the right solution for you.

Behavioural Tips: What to Avoid When Handling Wasps

  • If possible, avoid hairsprays, perfumes, skin creams and cosmetics with fragrances.
  • Avoid bright, brightly coloured, blue and yellow colours in clothing. These are suspected of attracting wasps. White, neutral dress, on the other hand, is harmless.
  • The components of wood care products and polishes attract wasps. Accordingly, these agents should not be used shortly before use, as wasps are otherwise difficult to remove or get rid of. In addition, water-soluble paints usually contain wax, which also attracts wasps.
  • Sugary foods such as fruit juices, fruit, jams and cakes attract wasps just as much as protein foods (cold cuts, meat, etc.). It is best to cover these types of food, if possible, in airtight containers or put them away. Remove residues from the table later by wiping them off. Permanently seal drinks such as lemonade or beer. This will reduce the risk of swallowing a wasp.
  • In the garden, fermenting windfalls under trees should be collected regularly. The same goes for ripe fruit, which – if possible – should be plucked from the trees.
  • Wipe your mouth and hands after eating ice cream and sweets – be careful, especially with children.
Please note that these are tips and home remedies described in the literature that AAA Termites and Pest Control has neither checked nor recommended in any particular form and for which we assume no liability.