Endothermal heating process

To combat Bed bugs with the Entotherm heating process, the room air in rooms infested with bed bugs is heated up to 55 degrees utilizing a special device.

Reason: All stages of development of bed bugs die from a body temperature of approx. 45 ° C, because this denatures the protein compounds in the enzymes, with the result that the metabolic processes collapse and the parasites die.

This unique heat treatment is a safe, chemical-free solution for all objects in which bed bugs can hide, and humans come into contact, e.g. mattresses, pillows, clothing and furniture. The treated objects can be used again immediately afterwards, without any side effects from chemical residues.

Benefits of controlling bed bugs using heat methods

  • Combating all stages of development
  • A single treatment is enough to kill insects at all stages of their life cycle, from egg to adult specimen.
  • Rapid availability of the treated rooms
  • Simultaneous treatment of several areas possible
  • Outstanding suitability for susceptible areas as there is little use of sensitive barrier preparations
  • Accessibility of all locations and components of the infected materials to which ordinary chemicals would not penetrate
  • Furniture and furnishings that are insensitive to heat can remain in the room. This minimizes the risk of further spreading bed bugs.
  • Hiding places that the heat cannot reach can be treated with suitable, low-odour to odour-free active ingredients (= combination process)

A Rentokil expert monitors the Entotherm heating process throughout the process. In this way, we guarantee effective treatment with a full-service report in every case.