Fighting ants – why actually? Most ant species are, after all, beneficial to nature. Ant control is essential when directly damaging ant species such as pharaoh ant, lawn ant, black-grey garden ant or other species of ant that destroy wood. Ant control may be necessary due to the following dangers, primarily if it occurs in the house.

Spotted ants?

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The dangers and harms of ants infestation

  • Damage to hygiene/damage to health:  especially with the pharaoh ant, there is a risk of spreading germs of all kinds—establishing and maintaining infectious hospitalism. Do not hesitate – immediate ant control is necessary here.
  • Material damage: In addition to the damage to computers and electrical systems, wood ants mainly cause problems in built-up wooden areas. When a wood substance is removed, and the load-bearing capacity is reduced. In addition, there is damage to pavement slabs and terraces in the outdoor area. If you want to avoid costly remedial measures from the outset, rapid ant control is necessary.
  • Stock damage: Damage caused by contamination of food in pantries and kitchens. Preference is given to infecting foods containing sugar or protein. It would be best if you always fought ants when the infestation strength gets out of hand, and the house or apartment is no longer random intruders but entire colonies.
  • Plant damage: Ants breed aphids without self-interest because they feed on their honeydew, which is regularly milked. In return, ants defend aphids from predators. The result: The plant pests take over and destroy plants in the house and garden. Ant control may therefore also be necessary here.

Fight Ants

There are problems with ants where half-hearted attempts to control the ants with home remedies are no longer enough. Here a professional has to be commissioned to control the ants. This applies above all to the following situations:

  • The ant nest is (in all likelihood) inside the house or apartment. In this case, the ant control should be carried out by a specialist company that understands the professional management of ants.
  • Is it about disease-transmitting Pharaoh Ants or about wood-destroying species of ants: In these cases, the subject of “fighting ants” belongs in the hands of a specialist company for pest control?
  • Many problem-plagued people try it with the topic “fighting ants” in the house first with funds from the hardware store, such as ant sprays. We strongly advise against this. Ant sprays only kill the ants immediately sprayed, but not the queens in the nest. The “problem of ants” is therefore not solved by this form of control. On the contrary: conspecifics look for new ways and get to the most diverse places in the house. In the case of pharaoh ants or ants that destroy wood, this promotes further spread with catastrophic consequences.
  • Heavy infestation: The population of the ant colony is so large that you cannot control the ants yourself inside your house or apartment. If ants flood storage cupboards and Even refrigerator seals are no longer an obstacle, it is high time to commission a professional ant control.
  • Continuously recurring infestation: If you find that ants find their way into the house or apartment every year, you should have a structural analysis of weak points carried out. Preventing ants from immigrating is the first step in effective ant control.

Successfully eliminate infestation

The AAA Termite and pest experts specialize in the control of ants and understand the habits and behaviour of the different ant species precisely and optimally adapt the use of ant control agents to the individual species and the various operating environments.

Because: Fighting ants belongs in the hands of professionals. 

AAA Termite and Pest Control offer you:

  • Determination of the ant species.
  • Assessment of the infestation strength thorough professional inspection of the house and garden.
  • Ways to control ants, the definition of the control objective.
  • Ants fight using the latest technology and with preparations from the world market leader in pest control.