Fight cockroaches in companies

Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous hygiene and health pests as they can transmit a wide variety of pathogens to humans. In addition to the food industry, large kitchens and food-related areas of many companies, such as the catering and hotel industries, are particularly affected. In addition, there are ideal conditions for mass reproduction for cockroaches in bakeries, canteens, swimming pools or laundries. Here cockroaches find very favourable living conditions through warmth, water, food and a multitude of hiding places.

There can be over 200 hidden specimens for every cockroach discovered, which are typically hidden in crevices, joints, and cracks in masonry, machines, equipment, and other places.

In the event of a cockroach infestation, speed is of the essence, as cockroaches multiply at breakneck speed and spread quickly throughout the building via heating and piping systems. Cockroaches visible during the day and roam around usually indicate an extreme cockroach infestation and a high stocking density in the hiding places. Cockroach control measures should be taken immediately.

The control of cockroaches belongs in the hands of experts since attempts by laypersons to get a cockroach infestation under control usually fail, and the costs skyrocket. In principle, professional cockroach control should be used. AAA Termites and Pest Control pest experts not only have the most modern preparations and processes at their disposal. Our experts know the biology and way of life of cockroaches precisely and adjust the control precisely to your company’s sensitivity and spatial conditions. Each species of cockroach requires different control strategies.

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What should be done before combating cockroaches?

The AAA Termites and Pest Control cockroach control process

Tips for cockroaches in the company

Leave cockroach control to the professionals

Several self-use products are available on the Internet. A cockroach trap, for example, serves the sole purpose of locating a source of infestation. A cockroach trap does not combat it. Fighting with cockroach gel does not belong in lay hands either, since improper application fizzles out the application and at most brings short-term success. The use of insecticides not only harbours health risks but can also lead to resistance in cockroaches and displace them into areas of buildings that have not yet been infested. Due to the high multiplication rate of cockroaches, there is a risk of an epidemic like the spread of the infestation. This not only costs valuable time but ultimately increases the cost of combating cockroaches.

What should be done before combating cockroaches?

Before a cockroach control is carried out in your property, it is essential to consider a few tips:

  • Remove food residues and organic residues, such as below the stove groups, refrigerators, and kitchen shelves.
  • All areas should be carefully cleaned and dusted before performing a cockroach control.
  • No open food may be placed on any potential treatment area. These should be removed or covered.
  • If cockroach infestation is diagnosed, live and dead cockroaches, faeces and smear marks, egg packets, and moulting residues should be removed with a vacuum cleaner with an attachment nozzle before cockroach control. The bags sent should then be removed.
  • Elimination or blocking of hiding spots.

The AAA Termites and Pest Control cockroach control process

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you professional cockroach control. Our experienced experts adjust all measures as required to the respective type of cockroach, the extent of the infestation, the premises and the sensitivity of the application area in your company. Our holistic concept for cockroach defence comprises several components:

  1. Prevention and hygiene – Our customers receive comprehensive advice on preventing cockroach infestation because the best cockroach control starts with prevention. This includes valuable food hygiene tips and important behavioural tips to reduce the risk of falling victim to cockroaches.
  2. AAA Termites and Pest Control inspections – AAA Termites and Pest Control use several professional detection systems to identify cockroaches. In this way, we can determine the extent and focus of the infestation. These include, for example, cockroach detectors or cockroach traps. Such a cockroach trap provides information on the amount and type of infestation and the exact infestation location within a specific observation period. Our experts place each cockroach trap in a targeted manner close to typical hiding spots. In addition, artificial cockroach hiding places are set up in some regions of use or so-called expelling agents are used. In this way, cockroaches can be driven out of their nesting sites immediately.
  3. Cockroach Control – AAA Termites and Pest Control offer its customers a wide range of professional cockroach control methods for practically every conceivable location:
    1. Cockroach gel method: This feeding bait method is particularly suitable for sensitive areas of application. Portions of cockroach gel are applied to precisely defined locations near cockroach hiding places.
    2. Spray method as a standard method for combating cockroaches in kitchen, cellar and storage areas.
    3. Dust powder method is a unique method for combating cockroaches in cavities, suspended ceilings, supply shafts, etc.
    4. Paint process to control cockroaches in wet areas.
    5. Micro safe method: To control cockroaches in large rooms such as production halls and machine areas, the treatment areas are delimited with a highly effective contact insecticide. This is followed by nebulisation using ULV aerosol devices. The preparation blown deep into the hiding place drives the cockroaches out and runs over the contact insecticide barriers to eventually die.
  4. Success control – AAA Termites and Pest Control’s control of cockroaches is based on constant success control. For this purpose, the detection systems such as cockroach trap and visual inspection for persistent signs of infestation such as live or dead cockroaches, traces of excrement and moults are carried out on an ongoing basis.

Tips for cockroaches in the company

How can a cockroach infestation be prevented? First of all, it is essential to know the causes. Cockroaches and cockroach eggs are mainly transported to their new domicile through infested food, raw materials and packaging such as cardboard boxes, boxes or freight containers. Another cause of infestation is immigration from adjacent building areas, for example, if a commercial neighbour or a private apartment is affected. Cable and pipeline systems connecting buildings serve the cockroaches as a highway for multiplication and spatial expansion.

There are several necessary precautions you can take to reduce the risk of the cockroach infestation.

Know the causes, prevent a cockroach infestation.

  • Industrial hygiene and cleanliness are the alpha and omega of all preventive measures against cockroaches. Regular cleaning of all surfaces, floors, machines, shelves and stores and goods is helpful. Cleaning behind the areas mentioned is also tricky but valuable. Kitchen, cooking and baking areas must be kept particularly clean.
  • Avoid buying goods with damaged packaging. When shopping in wholesale markets and from food wholesalers, care should be taken to ensure that food packaging is intact and completely closed.
  • Transport. Food, raw materials and goods should not be transported in cardboard boxes or other used containers that have already been used and should not be parked and stored in sensitive areas such as kitchens, storage areas and production areas. Packaging materials, in particular, are potential hiding places and nests for cockroaches.
  • If possible, food should always be stored in sealed containers made of glass, plastic or ceramic. Outer packaging made of cardboard or paper does not provide sufficient protection because cockroaches have well-functioning mouthparts.
  • The storage and supply of food and raw materials should be kept small and designed to be stored clearly, cool, and dry. A periodic inspection of the reserved goods for signs of an infestation is also recommended. Cockroaches don’t like temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and drafts. If necessary, lower the room temperatures and ventilate rooms at risk.
  • Organic kitchen and production waste should be disposed of immediately to be safe from cockroaches. Food residues on surfaces and undercooking zones, refrigerators, etc., should be removed immediately. If possible, waste should be stored in closed containers outside the building.
  • Gaps, cracks and joints in masonry, wall breakthroughs, pipelines etc., are used by scrapers as hiding places. Seal these potential hiding spots! In addition, any accumulation of moisture, e.g. through waterlogging, puddles, etc., should be avoided.
  • If used electrical goods and machines are brought into food-related areas, great caution is required. Especially devices with heat exchangers such as air conditioners and cooling or freezing units generate high temperatures, which cockroaches prefer. Conduct a close inspection for any signs of infestation.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you an on-call service that takes targeted action against cockroaches and deals with other pest problems in your company. As industry experts, we know your requirements exactly. This guarantees you, your customers and employees the most excellent possible protection and security against pests.

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