During the life of a fly (around 30 days), a female lays between 400 and 600 eggs. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how a small fly problem can quickly turn into a large infestation if nothing is done about it.

Have you identified a fly infestation and have a problem?

Very good, because once you identify the problem, there are simple ways to try to get rid of flies or, if necessary, to reduce their population, such as:

  • The addition of practical, cost-effective measures, such as proper, thorough cleaning, can already contain the problem of fly infestation.
  • Of course, you can also use inexpensive DIY fly repellant products hoping that this will fight the flies.

But from experience, we can report that these problems are not sufficient for larger infestations, especially for our corporate customers. More targeted solutions are recommended here:

Tips to prevent fly infestation:

These preventive measures can limit the occurrence of fly infestation:

  • Controlling moisture: Flies need moisture to reproduce. Repairing leaks and clogged drains where water can collect will help attract flies.
  • Covering food: Any food, including crumbs, can attract flies and motivate them to lay eggs. Leftover food should therefore be protected. Food contamination is a significant cause of food contamination.
  • Stay Hygienic: Keep your trash cans, sinks, and the dining room clean.
  • Lock entry points: install mosquito screens on windows, keep windows and doors closed at night, and install one effective insect killer.
  • Birdseed: Keep birdseed clean and remove it before dawn.
  • Remove clutter: Get rid of all clutter in the house, as well as in the garden. Crowded places are a possible breeding ground.

Flies instinctively spread in search of food. The use of a pest controller is therefore recommended for effective and sustainable control.

Fly control agent from AAA Termites and Pest Control

The professional service of a trained pest expert is the best approach to controlling flies and the most effective way to keep those pesky tiny flying insects away. Your  AAA Termites and Pest Control service technician is ISO and CEPA certified and specially trained to deal with the problem:

  • Exclusion – doors, windows, skylights, etc., are examined and prepared to enter no flies.
  • Limitation – We impart best practices for (basic) cleaning to eliminate possible breeding grounds for flies.
  • Control – Using the correct fly control agents, adapted to each situation, leads to an effective solution to your fly problem.
  • Surveillance – Inspection possible through regular visits for maximum security.

After an inspection of your premises, the AAA Termites and Pest Control service technician will provide you with an individual solution for your problem, such as one or more of the following measures:

  • Baiting
  • Fogging
  • Destruction of the larvae
  • the installation of fly traps

With our decades of experience in flying insect repellent and in the field of fly problems in all possible business areas, we are your ideal contact for adequate and long-term protection against flies in your company.

Protection from our fly traps

Flytraps are highly effective devices for repelling, fighting and comprehensive prevention of flies and fly infestations. Our Lumnia and Luminos devices also offer the option to trap the insects, preventing contamination of the underlying surfaces.