Fight material pests

AAA Termites and Pest Control have developed sophisticated solutions for combating material pests. Our pest experts understand the habits and behaviour of material problems and coordinate the control and use of various methods, pesticides and special preparations accordingly. We guarantee you a pest-free environment.

The AAA Termites and Pest Control treatment concept:

  • We are carrying out a detailed AAA Termites and Pest Control inspection to identify the insect species, the focus and causes of the infestation. 
  • Use of suitable insecticides or pheromones to identify and reduce infestation. 
  • AAA Termites and Pest Control service agreements to ensure that normal infestation controls are carried out by qualified pest controllers. 
  • For commercial enterprises and public institutions: Information and training for operational managers and employees. 
  • Development of suitable preventive measures to avoid future infestation. 

In addition to the use of suitable insecticides or pheromones to reduce infestation, AAA Termites and Pest Control use its mobile fumigation (CAT) method using natural gas balloons to protect valuable objects :

  • Inside a gas-tight welded balloon, the materials are treated in a nitrogen bath for several weeks.
  • All organic life forms – even insects in the developmental stage (larvae and eggs) – are effectively combated in this way.
  • No harmful chemical residues remain, a non-destructive and residue-free system is used, there is no transport risk for the objects through on-site control.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you a mobile standby service that specialises in combating material pests. Our experts are fast, effective and guarantee you a professional solution to the problem. For further information or to arrange a visit with one of our competent technical advisors, please give us a call: Tel. +330 723-2515.