Fight rats with AAA Termites and Pest Control

Professional rat control should always be considered as soon as rats are in the immediate (residential) environment. Brown rats that appear in outdoor areas (e.g. in the garden) are no less dangerous, especially when children or pets play in these areas. Remember, if there are rats on your property, there is an increased risk that sooner or later, they will also invade your living space. Immediate control of rats is therefore essential.

Effective control of rats is one of the most demanding disciplines in pest control. This is mainly due to the inadequate effectiveness of many control agents and the increasing resistance of rats to several commonly used preparations. The attempt to want to kill rats, therefore, not infrequently fails.

Fight rats with the No. 1

Fighting rats means, above all, knowing precisely the biology and behaviour of this intelligent health pest and taking measures to combat rats in the respective environmental conditions. The layman cannot do this sufficiently because he has neither the know-how nor all suitable products and preparations for the control of rats to be able to kill rats sustainably. Rats are smart. They use garages, dog or cat flaps, and even vertical downspouts to gain access to your home. Fighting rats, therefore, always means eliminating structural weak points and observing specific rules of conduct.

Do not do experiments that only cost time, nerves and money! Rat control belongs in the hands of professional pest control.

Systems for the control of rats

AAA Termites and Pest Control pest experts use a wide range of state-of-the-art rat control systems. This primarily includes optimal combinations of bait and detection boxes and preparations and active ingredients to control rats as a result effectively.

AAA Termites and Pest Control rat bait:

Effective rat control requires suitable bait. AAA Termites and Pest Control have a large selection of harmful rodent active ingredients in various formulations for combating rats indoors and outdoors. Our own scientific laboratories give our private customers the certainty that the rat baits used are always optimally tailored to the sensitive application environment of house and apartment. Fighting rats always means “safety first”! All toxic preparations are denatured with Bittrex, an extremely bitter substance for humans and pets, but rats can accept. If you accidentally put rodenticides in your mouth, you will be tempted to spit them out quickly.

The use of rodenticides by a AAA Termites and Pest Control pest expert is usually carried out as part of a precise pest control plan. This is based on an inspection in the respective infested area of ​​the house, cellar and garden. All rat control measures are therefore geared precisely to the individual requirements found.

AAA Termites and Pest Control bait boxes:

Fighting rats requires not only suitable rat bait but also the use of tamper-proof bait boxes in appropriately marked areas around the house, apartment or garden. A few days after interpretation, the effect on your rat infestation is evident. Anyone who wants to kill rats knows the uneasy feeling: Are the baits really only harmful to rats?

Therefore, AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you a wide range of bait boxes that guarantee effective control of rats at every conceivable location and guarantee optimal protection: the purpose and content are clearly indicated on each box. Thanks to the tamper-proof structure, our baits attract rats but pose no danger to humans or pets because the amount of appeal is precisely tailored to the target species.

Professional rat control

Don’t ignore rat infestation! A plague of rats can spread quickly. While self-help products for rat control can be effective with a low rat infestation, rat control is required for established or recurring infestations. The AAA Termites and Pest Control pest experts apply measures to control rats specially tailored to your living environment and give you tips and information on how you can avoid another rat plague.

Fighting rats or killing rats is only an issue for AAA Termites and Pest Control. AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you an on-call service that also deals with other pest problems in your home. It is fast, effective and guarantees you, your family and your pets the most excellent possible protection and security against pests.