Fight storage pests

Particularly in the food industry, pests of stored products cause enormous economic damage through contamination, resulting in heat, moisture, and mould formation. It is therefore essential to protect valuable raw food materials in storage rooms, warehouses and silos effectively.


  • Identification of the pest species.
  • Disposal of contaminated food and thorough cleaning of all storage locations.
  • Use of suitable insecticides approved for the respective purpose.
  • We are securing long-term preventive and acute treatments through service agreements.
  • Regular, thorough cleaning and targeted application of funds.
  • Training of operational managers and employees.
  • Joint development of preventive measures.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you integrated storage protection. At the same time, optimal systems for monitoring and control: Sticky traps with species-specific pheromone baits and pheromone traps enable efficient monitoring to control population developments and initiate control measures in good time before economic damage thresholds are reached.

Conventional means of pest control sometimes do not adequately reach pests in stored products. With professional silo fumigation or container fumigation, you get reliable solutions even in complex cases – successfully applied by highly qualified Rentokil experts for fumigation.

For more information on how AAA Termites and Pest Control can control stored pests or arrange an appointment with one of our competent technical advisors, please call us: Tel. +330 723-2515.