Fight woodworms

AAA Termites and Pest Control have developed technically sophisticated solutions for combating wood pests and, on the one hand, offers you the professional implementation of measures to combat wood pests according to DIN 68800-4. On the other hand,

AAA Termites and Pest Control use its mobile fumigation (CAT) method using natural gas balloons to protect art and cultural treasures.

Wood pests discovered?

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Professional control of wood pests in real estate

  • The gnawed wood, including the larvae feeding on it and any pupation that may be present, is removed by cooling off.
  • The remaining healthy lumber is impregnated with preparations that the German Institute has approved for Building Technology. This gives it preventive protection.
  • In the case of timbers, beam heads or large dimensions that are not accessible from all sides, the measures are supported by drilled hole impregnations as required. For this purpose, the wood is provided with systematically drilled holes depending on the situation and location, filled with preparations with or without pressure. Deep-eating larvae die after a specific time due to barrier impregnation.
  • Timbers that no longer meet the structural requirements must be reinforced or replaced by a carpentry shop. You will receive detailed information about your property from us. We will inform you about your safety through our customer information sheets before measuring and documenting the identification card work. After the action, you will receive a final report on request.

Mobile fumigation (CAT) for art and valuables

  • Inside a gas-tight welded balloon, the wooden objects are impregnated in a nitrogen bath for several weeks.
  • All life stages – even insects in the development stage (larvae and eggs) – are effectively combated in this way.
  • No active ingredient depots, non-destructive and residue-free system (no preventive protection!).
  • No risk of transport of objects by fighting on site.

For more information on how AAA Termites and Pest Control can control wood pests or arrange an appointment with one of our competent technical advisors, please call us free of charge: Tel. +330 723-2515.