Flea control for businesses

The house and the housing industry and hotels need to recognise a flea infestation early and take appropriate measures. Unfortunately, an infestation is usually only realised when people have been bitten.

If possible, adult fleas should be caught and identified by AAA Termites and Pest Control. In cat or dog fleas, the infected pets should be treated by the owner or a veterinarian. The adult fleas and, in particular, their larvae must now be controlled in the affected rooms.

It can also happen that fleas from wild animals such as birds enter the building, for example, through windows because their host animal has left the nest. Then people are bitten instead. Here the bird’s nests are to be removed, and suitable barriers to be taken to prevent immigration. This could be window cross-linking or acute spraying measures around the window reveal.

Since the larvae and adult fleas reside in different places and feed differently, a very systematic and expert approach is required to combat the infestation quickly and precisely.

The larvae feed on detritus, that is, on the minor organic residues. The flea that has just hatched from the pupa remains in the cocoon for the time being and only leaves it after external stimuli such as vibrations, body heat and CO2 emissions from a potential host.

The AAA Termites and Pest Control treatment concept for fleas

  1. The AAA Termites and Pest Control pest expert will arrange a suitable time for a complete and careful examination of your property.
  2. He will then recommend an action plan based on the extent of your flea infestation and make you an offer for implementation.
  3. As soon as you have accepted the offer, the responsible service technician will contact you. Several visits may be necessary, depending on the treatment.
  4. During the first visit, the service technician will explain the control method to you.
  5. Our service technician implements all measures according to the agreed plan.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you a mobile emergency service that specialises in flea control. Our experts are fast, effective and guarantee you, your family and your pets a professional solution to the problem. For further information or to arrange a visit with one of our competent technical advisors, please give us a call: Tel. +330 723-2515.