Storage protection utilizing fumigation

With our subsidiary S&A in America, we have been offering professional fumigation services in-store protection and material protection for over 25 years. As a recognized training company, our service technicians receive extensive training so that they can offer you the most effective fumigation and pest control services tailored to your individual needs.

Fumigation is a recognized and effective method for the targeted elimination of storage pests such as beetles, mites and moths using gaseous control agents. This primarily protects shipping and freight companies, manufacturing companies, storage facilities, mills and agriculture from pest infestation. Fumigation measures at shipping and freight companies protect goods at sea and in port, among other things. This ensures that all shipments are transported safely and without the risk of contamination.

In America, fumigation measures are constantly changing. AAA Termites and Pest Control and S&A are very familiar with all procedures and standards and, thanks to our many years of experience and competence, can offer you individual treatment concepts. The observance of safety regulations has the highest priority.

Our fumigation services

We have access to countless fumigation services and can guarantee suitable measures for your individual needs.

CAT procedure

Gentle and mobile method for combating material and textile pests in all art and valuables development stages.

Container fumigation

Fumigation of your raw food materials directly in the 20/40 foot container at your location or one of the German container terminals or freight centres. 

Silo fumigation

With the fumigation of grain silos, AAA Termites and Pest Control offer a cost-effective method for treating large volumes of grain in storage containers.

Ship fumigation

The years of experience of our highly qualified service technicians guarantee that we can offer you the very best fumigation services for ships.

Advantages of our fumigation services

  • Specially trained and highly qualified specialists
  • Own research and development department – with highly skilled technical specialists (entomologists, biologists and chemists)
  • Modern measurement and analysis techniques
  • Fulfilment of all environmental, health, safety and legal requirements
  • Over 25 years of experience in fumigation

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