Professional marten repellent

Do not ignore a marten infestation. Martens can cause considerable damage. While self-help products such as marten traps or marten fright can be partially effective in a low infestation, professional help is required in the case of established or recurring infestations to drive away martens really effectively.

Martens fall under the Animal Welfare Act. They are subject to hunting law in Americia. For them, there is a hunting and closed season. Since martens may neither be caught nor killed during the closed season, the AAA Termites and pest controllers apply measures against martens specially tailored to your living environment/living area (e.g. using marten defence barriers or non-toxic repellents = fragrances/flavours) and give you tips and information on how to do it can avoid a further inflow.

Rentokil offers you an on-call service that deals with marten defence and other problems with pests or pests in your home. It is fast, effective and guarantees you, your family and your pets and farm animals the greatest possible protection and safety.

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