Signs of a mouse infestation? – Mouse infestation manifests itself, for example, by scratching and scratching noises in walls or ceilings, finding mouse droppings, damage caused by eating or by their own, very typical smell.

What damage do mice leave behind? – Mice are not only annoying, but they also represent a health risk. Rodents such as rats and mice belong to the group of hygiene and health pests. Mice transmit pathogens and contaminate food and supplies through damage and excrement. Mice are also responsible for damage to cables and electrical systems, leading to economic risks for companies in particular.

Catch mice or get rid of mice? – Mouse populations grow exceptionally quickly so that a mouse in the house, shop or company quickly becomes a full-blown mouse plague that spreads at lightning speed. If a mouse infestation is found, good advice is expensive. What to do against mice in the house We tell you which species are dangerous and which specific signs indicate an infestation with mice.

What to do about mice

Do you have a mouse in the house? A mouse infestation is usually detected by scratching and scratching noises in walls or ceilings. Mouse droppings or the typical smell and damage caused by eating can also be the first noticeable clues that point to a mouse in the house. Mice are not only annoying, but they also represent a massive health risk. Like rats, mice belong to hygiene and health pests because they transmit dangerous pathogens. In addition, mice contaminate food and supplies through abrasion and excrement and damage cables and electrical systems. One main problem: Mouse populations grow exceptionally quickly so that a mouse in the house soon becomes a full-blown mouse plague that spreads at lightning speed.

Detect mouse infestation

How to Identify Mouse Infestation

Damage from a mouse infestation

What diseases and material damage you can expect

Fight mice

Professional and safe: professional mouse control

Fight mice successfully

Do you have a mouse in the house? Or even a mouse plague? Many products are supposed to help against a mouse infestation in the home or garden: from the good old mousetrap to mouse poison, from mouse bait to live traps, from ultrasound against mice to mouse catchers.

But which methods help, and which do the professionals use for effective and sustainable control? Find out more here:


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Mice against mice

Valuable tips on how to get rid of mice effectively

Mousetrap, poison or mouse bait?

Which products help against mice?

Mice in the house what to do

  • Which types of mice are dangerous, and what do they look like in concrete terms?
    From house mice to shrew or wood mouse – we’ll show you how to recognise the most important species. To the pest lexicon for mice.
  • Can you get sick from mice?
    You might not have guessed it, but mice are one of the most dangerous pests of all. You can find out why mice are so hazardous and what damage to health and material damage mice are responsible for.
  • Mouse in the house?
    Do you have a specific suspicion that a mouse is up to mischief in the house? What are the typical signs of a mouse infestation? And which hiding spots are preferred by mice? You can find the answers here.
  • Driveawaymice?
    Here you will find tips on avoiding a mouse infestation and on effective means and home remedies for repelling mice. This is how you can prevent mouse infestation.
  • Products against mice?
    Many products are said to help fight mice in the home and garden. From the good old mousetrap to the mouse poison, from the mouse bait to the live trap, from the ultrasound against mice to the mouse catcher. Products against mice.
  • Single mouse or mouse plague?
    Mouse in the house or even a mouse plague? AAA Termites and Pest Control offer professional control of mice and let you sleep soundly again. More on fighting mice.


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