Mobile fumigation (CAT)

Those in charge of culture and restorers in churches, museums, galleries and theatres, and owners of unique antique items are familiar with the invisible dangers posed by various material pests. Museum of carpet beetles, clothes moths, dust lice, woodworms and varied rodent beetles target organic objects made of wood, textiles, paper or leather.

The result: Not infrequently, the destruction and the irretrievable loss of valuable art objects, antiques, sculptures, carpets, costumes, antiquarian books, etc., could have been prevented with timely intervention.

Mobile method for pest control

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you an innovative, globally proven, mobile method for gently controlling material pests in art and cultural objects using a closed natural gas atmosphere (natural gas balloon). When using our mobile fumigation “CAT” (Controlled Atmosphere Treatment), Once the pest has been identified and the AAA Termites and Pest Control pest experts have analyzed the infestation situation, the infested valuables are placed in an airtight sealed special foil balloon, which can be freely made up depending on the size of the objects to be treated. A targeted increase now reduces the oxygen content inside the gas balloon in the carbon dioxide content to over 60% or the nitrogen content to over 99% of the room air. The indoor climate is then maintained over a period of 4-6 weeks.

  • The effect:  The insects’ metabolism, eggs, larvae and pupae break down, the pests suffocate and die off completely.

The advantages of mobile fumigation

  • Careful control using a closed natural gas atmosphere 
  • 100% mortality of insect pests and their stages of development
  • Also effective against insecticide-resistant pest strains
  • The system has proven worldwide
  • Maximum material protection
  • Toxic gas and residue-free system
  • No harm to the environment
  • Mobile fighting on-site, no risk of transport or theft
  • Immediate use of the objects after fumigation possible
  • Inexpensive – no investment in your systems necessary 

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