Moth control

The good news: textile moths pose no health risk. Now the bad news: moths can cause unsightly damage to clothing, carpets, and other materials. Take action immediately if you see any suspicious holes or signs of small larvae or silk cocoons.

  • Determine the source of the infestation: It used to be the laundry collected in the wedding chest – today, clothing that may not have been worn for a long time, handicrafts, fabric decorations or carpets. Look in your closets, the dresser drawers; Filling materials in partition walls or under the old flooring can also be the starting point for the infestation.
  • Start with moth pheromone traps to catch the adult moths and vacuum the infested area regularly to remove any larvae.
  • Wash all clothing items and other textiles in the infected area, such as tablecloths, bed linen and blankets – if possible, using boil laundry to kill the eggs and larvae. Clean the infested cupboards and drawers; look here at the top of the built-in components, where the larvae retreat to pupate. The puparia are to be removed mechanically.

Spotted moths?

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Professional help from AAA Termites and Pest Control

While self-help products such as moth pheromone traps can be effective in low-moth infestation, professional help is required in the case of high or recurring moth infestation.

Our pest experts are specially trained in moth control. They understand their habits and behaviour and coordinate the control and use of various pesticides and special moth traps.

AAA Termites and Pest Control use its mobile fumigation (CAT) process using nitrogen and CO₂ to protect works of art and cultural treasures from moth infestation.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you a mobile on-call service that specializes in moth control. Our experts are fast, effective and guarantee you a professional solution to the problem. For further information or to arrange a visit with one of our competent technical advisors, please give us a call: Tel. +330 723-2515.