Mousetrap, mouse poison, mouse bait? Which products help against mice

Do you have a mouse problem and are thinking of using a mousetrap, mouse poison or mouse bait, live traps or snap traps to tackle the mice? Or do you even want to drive the mice away with modern ultrasound waves or first catch the mice and then release them far away from your own home?

There are many products against mice. But there is one thing you should know in advance: There is no mousetrap or mouse bait that can catch mice with 100% certainty and thus represents a guarantee that you can get rid of mice. It is not uncommon for the products not to keep what is promised with flowery advertising messages.

The result: wasted money and, sometimes even worse, valuable time has been lost, as mice reproduce rapidly and a mouse plague can develop in the apartment within a short time.

In the following, we give you a qualified overview of the topic. Here you can find out what to do with products such as mousetraps, mouse poison, mouse bait, live traps against mice or ultrasound against mice.

Mouse poison and mouse bait

Mouse poison is mainly used as feeding bait in suitable containers. Usually, it is a ready-made bait that is relatively stable to the environment, i.e. does not lose its effectiveness even through adverse environmental conditions. Mouse poison is also used as mixed bait, i.e. the user mixes mouse poison with various foods that are particularly attractive for the individual case and lays them out.

The choice of dosage form and bait formulation also depends on the infestation situation and whether the mouse poison/mouse bait is accepted or not. Mouse poison as ready-made bait is often applied as bait based on wheat in bait bags. However, mouse poison as a bait bag may only be used in a mouse bait box or mousetrap. In addition, it must be prevented that unauthorised third parties such as children and pets or farm animals come into contact with the mouse bait.

In addition to the feeding bait method, the so-called contact poison method is also used. Mouse poison is used as a contact foam in nesting areas and tight spaces, for example, wall breakthroughs. The mice ingest the mouse poison through skin contact and cleaning reflex.

If you want to buy mouse poison: A problem with mouse poison and mouse bait is often alternative sources of food, which mean that the mice do not adequately accept the mouse bait with the mouse poison it contains. In addition, when dealing with mouse poison, there is a general risk that playing children and pets will come into contact with the mouse poison – primarily if the application and control are not carried out correctly and professionally, e.g. in a mousetrap. Another problem with mouse poison is the increasing build-up of resistance in mice. There are already regions in Germany where mouse populations are resistant to the effects of mouse poison.

Rentokil advises that instead of experimenting with mouse poison yourself, it is better to take professional action against mice: Professional mouse control immediately.

Mousetrap/snap trap

There are many different mouse traps on the market: from snap traps to live traps. The goal of every mousetrap: catch mice – either dead or alive. In the case of a live trap for mice (so-called TripTrap products), constant monitoring of the mousetrap is necessary according to the applicable animal welfare law. Another form of the mousetrap is the so-called snap traps, which are provided with mouse bait. If the mouse triggers the kicking mechanism of the mousetrap, it is killed on the spot. A mousetrap is a comparatively old way of trying to catch mice.

The main problem with a mousetrap: If there is a strong mouse infestation in the apartment, there is always a quantum of trap-shy mice, so that complete infestation is rarely possible. In addition, only a specialist can distinguish between nesting sites, walking routes and whereabouts and thus use each mousetrap in a targeted and efficient manner. This should also be combined with other products against mice, such as mouse bait boxes and mouse poison.

Mousetraps are not 100% safe and are usually not suitable for eliminating a mouse infestation. Rentokil, therefore, recommends using holistic mouse control.

Ultrasound against mice

There are products on the market that are supposed to help against mice using ultrasound. Mice are said to be driven away by infrared and ultrasonic vibrations or similar physical properties. However, various scientific studies have clearly shown no connection between the use of such devices with ultrasound and the success of deterring or even driving away mice.

Therefore: Save yourself the investment in ultrasound against mice. Your money is better invested in products such as mousetraps, mouse poison or mouse bait. However, the best thing is to contact the Rentokil pest experts right away to carry out a professional mouse control. So you can be sure that your mouse problem will be solved quickly and effectively.

Regardless of whether you want to buy mouse poison, mouse bait or a mousetrap in the form of a snap trap or live trap against mice: Many of these self-use products, which are supposed to help against mice, either do not work at all, only with a low mouse infestation or the effect allows long in coming. Don’t waste time and don’t spend any money on unprofessional hardware store products, the effectiveness of which is just as questionable as that of many home remedies that are supposed to work against mice. Rather trust a professional who has successfully fought mice every day for over 90 years: Rentokil! This is the 100% professional mice control.