AAA Termites and Pest Control philosophy – responsibility for people and animals

In America, all wild songbird species are specially protected. This also includes the sparrow and swallows that live in the building.

The feral city pigeon ( Columba livia ) are descendants of former farm animals. They may be expelled or, in exceptional cases, combated if they are harmful to people or their property. AAA Termites and Pest Control only offer you legally compliant and animal welfare-friendly solutions.

Regarding the animal as a fellow creature, AAA Termites and Pest Control reject systems that are not in line with animal welfare.

The essence of the Animal Welfare Act is: “Nobody may unjustifiably inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal, or frighten it.”

Kill pigeons?

Poisoning pigeons or wanting to kill pigeons is not a solution. Instead, there are intelligent systems for repelling pigeons that effectively protect both the health of people and their buildings and thus allow people and pigeons to coexist.

Instead of fighting pigeons with pigeon poison, it means repelling pigeons through professional defence systems. You can find out what these solutions can look like and what options there are in detail: AAA Termites and Pest Control pigeon defence.

The killing of pigeons, for example, by shooting them down, maybe permitted under certain conditions. However, it can only ever be the last possible option. All less burdensome procedures are to be exhausted beforehand. A shooting is subject to the Weapons Act, therefore requires official approvals and may only be carried out by experts. We are happy to help.

Catch pigeons?

Catching and releasing or relocating pigeons should only be carried out by a pest expert familiar with the legal requirements for seeing birds. It is more advantageous than catching pigeons that have entered buildings to prevent them from entering the facility beforehand. We are happy to help. You can find solutions to defence systems here: AAA Termites and Pest Control pigeon defence.