General information about pigeons and other birds

Birds are the most species-rich class of terrestrial vertebrates. We all know many different species, love their sometimes bright colours, watch them and enjoy the beautiful songs of many species.

Birds have conquered pretty much all habitats and are essential components of these ecosystems. One species of bird, in particular, has left its natural ecosystem and has become a cultural follower of humans, the pigeon.

Pigeons have served humans as food since ancient times, and pigeons were kept as pets as early as the cave era as the successor to the rock pigeon, domestic and racing pigeons that have flown by, today’s feral city pigeons dominate the image of many cities.

NABU’s nature conservation association estimates the number of feral urban pigeons living in the cities at 500 million animals (source: nabu.de).


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Recognise pigeons

Get information about typical signs and whereabouts of pigeons.

Control measures

Learn more about the AAA Termites and Pest Control philosophy: Responsibility for people and animals.

Pigeon droppings removal

Removing and disposing of pigeon droppings is a matter for the pest expert.

Pigeon defence systems

Avisave (impulse current deterrent)

Effective pigeon defence even for complex building structures.

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Avitex / Avigrid (networks)

Nets are a safe, inexpensive way of repelling pigeons.

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Avistrand (approach prevention)

Wire systems prevent pigeons from approaching and dismounting.

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Avispike (prevention of sitting down)

Blunt stainless steel tips effectively prevent pigeons from settling down.

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