Mice control by AAA Termites and Pest Control

Mice control by a professional should always be considered if mice are near your home. Even mice that have only been seen in the garden can be dangerous, especially if children and pets are there and can come into contact with the faeces of mice. Note that sooner or later, mice will try to invade your home, at the latest by next autumn/winter when the temperatures drop. The subject of fighting mice is therefore essential.

Effective mice control one of the most demanding disciplines in professional pest control. This is mainly due to the inadequate efficiency of many mouse baits and the dubious competence of some service providers. In addition, there is an increasing immunity of mice against the active substances used. The attempt to want to kill mice, therefore, not infrequently fails.

Fighting mice means, first and foremost, knowing the biology of this health and hygiene pest to adopt the measures to combat mice to the individual infestation situation. A self-user succeeds only inadequately or not because he neither has the necessary knowledge nor the required range of products and preparations for combating mice to be able to kill mice. Mice are nimble, smart, and have amazing physical abilities. You run up vertical house walls, jump up to 50 cm and use every opportunity to gain access to your home. Fighting mice, therefore, always means eliminating structural defects and observing a few rules of conduct.

Basically, don’t experiment on anything that involves your health and the health of your family. Otherwise, valuable time and money will run away! Mice control belongs in the hands of a professional pest control specialist.

Spotted mice?

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AAA Termites and Pest Control mouse control systems

AAA Termites and Pest Control draw on a wide range of the most modern systems for combating mice. First of all, this includes perfect mouse bait and detection boxes, which are then provided with optimal preparations to fight mice – intelligently, quickly and effectively.

AAA Termites and Pest Control mouse bait

An effective mouse control requires suitable mouse bait. AAA Termites and Pest Control have various active ingredients in various formulations for combating mice indoors and outdoors. Our own research and development laboratories give our customers the security that the mouse baits used are always optimally tailored to the sensitive environment in which they are used in private areas. Fighting mice always means “safety first”! All poison against mice contains Bittrex, a substance that is extremely bitter for humans but which mice do not taste and therefore accept. So if you accidentally put poison against mice in the form of rodenticides in your mouth, you will quickly spit it out again.

A AAA Termites and Pest Control pest expert’s use of mouse bait is usually carried out as part of a precise plan to control mice. This plan is based on an infestation inspection in the affected areas of the house, basement or garden. All measures for combating mice are therefore tailored precisely to the respective individual requirements.

AAA Termites and Pest Control bait boxes

Fighting mice always requires, in addition to a suitable mouse bait, the use of tamper-proof bait boxes in appropriately marked areas in the area of ​​the house, apartment or garden. The effect on your mouse infestation is already evident a short time after application. Anyone who wants to kill mice knows the negative feeling: Are the mouse baits really only harmful to mice?

Don’t worry: AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you a wide range of bait boxes that ensure effective mice control in every place in the house, apartment or garden, and guarantee optimal protection: the reason for use and content are clearly indicated on each bait box. Thanks to the tamper-proof construction, our mouse baits attract mice, but due to the amount of mouse bait precisely matched to the species, there is no danger to humans or pets.

Professional mouse control

Do not ignore a mouse infestation! Mouse plague can spread quickly. Self-application products for combating mice are only effective in exceptional cases. In the case of an established or recurring mouse infestation, on the other hand, a professional should be commissioned to control mice.AAA Termites and Pest Control pest experts use mice control products specially tailored to your sensitive home and give you valuable information on preventing re-infestation with mice in the future.

Fighting mice or killing mice is only an issue for AAA Termites and Pest Control. AAA Termites and Pest Control also offer you an on-call service that deals with all conceivable topics related to pest control. Our on-call service is quick and effective and, last but not least, gives you and your family the certainty that you are always one step ahead of the pests.

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