Rat control in companies

Professional rat control required? The rat is a carrier of various bacterial and viral pathogens and, as dreaded hygiene and health pest, represents a significant health risk for both private individuals and companies. In addition to the transmission of diseases and the introduction of parasites, rats contaminate and contaminate goods and products through attack, excrement, and groceries.

In addition, rats cause damage to cables and electrical systems, which leads to repairs worth millions every year. Therefore, successful control of the rat species and the power of brown rats is of great social importance.

Tradespeople and those responsible for hygiene should act quickly and commission a rat control because a rat reproduces very quickly. The gestation period is about three weeks; there are 7 to 8 young per litter, with 3 to 6 litters per year. Therefore, home remedies and tips against rats are no longer of any help here. Still, professional measures for rat control in acute cases are required and intelligent systems for professional prevention of an infestation.

For combating brown rats, AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you tailor-made combinations of bait and detection boxes and preparations and active ingredients tailored to the particular sensitivity of the environment in which they are used.

Economic consequences

Loss of image – An infestation with brown rats can have enormous economic consequences for companies and make it necessary to solve the rat problem through professional control. A rat problem discovered by guests, customers, or employees often leads to a severe loss of trust. In addition to the fatal effect on the corporate image and the company’s good reputation, in Germany, loss of goods and production leads to damage worth millions every year.

Hygiene complaints – There are also considerable costs in prosecution by the official food control if, for example, a rat infestation jeopardises compliance with regulations on food hygiene law. In audited companies (IFS, BRC, AIB, etc.), identified grievances can even lead to economic ruin if, for example, large existential orders are lost due to failed audits.

Failure quantities & product liability – The issues of batch tracing and product liability also play a role if products have been impaired by rats. Therefore: Never take rat infestation lightly. Quick, professional control of brown rats is essential to rule out the health and economic consequences mentioned, some of which are massive.

Rat species

In Germany, the main focus is on combating brown rats (Rattus norvegicus). In addition, house rats (Rattus rattus) play a (subordinate) role.

Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) Control :
Brown rats reach a length including a tail of up to 40 cm. The seat is shorter than the body. Brown rats weigh between 350 and 500 g. They live in self-dug corridors and are good swimmers and climbers. The fur has a brown-grey colour. Brown rats are the only rat species that inhabit the sewer system. Omnivorous. Rat control is usually directed against this species.

House rats (Rattus rattus) Control :
House rats are 16 to 24 cm tall. Their tail is longer than the head and body combined. House rats weigh 150 to 200 g. Compared to brown rats, they have a pointed nose, long ears and a slim body. House rats are coloured grey-black or brown-grey. They are very agile and happy to climb but rarely dig passages. House rats are often found in or near ports. In Germany, however, they occur relatively infrequently, or the number is sharply declining.

Identify rat infestation

Rats are nocturnal and usually hide from humans. Below you will find some tips on how to identify a rat infestation so that you can then initiate targeted measures to combat rats:

  • Scratching or scratching noises – in walls or under floors-can indicate a rat, which should be combated immediately.
  • Rat droppings – Rats leave behind dark, circular segment-shaped droppings that are approx—10 to 14 mm long.
  • Distinctive smell – rat infestation produces an ammonia-like odour, particularly in closed areas (e.g. under serving).
  • Damage – The rats’ teeth grow permanently. They, therefore, continuously gnaw on wood or plastic so that they do not become too long. Rats also bite through electrical cables, causing several house fires—another reason not to wait long with professional brown rat control.
  • Corroded food packaging – Rat infestation is also evident in eaten food packaging, where teeth marks can often be seen.
  • Rat nests – Rats build their nests in warm hiding spots and use tattered materials such as newspaper and textiles to building their nests. The nests mainly house rat pups.
  • Rattenbaue – In the garden, rat burrows for breeding dig their offspring (often in compost heaps or under gazebos). On the other hand, they build nests under floorboards and beams, from which a rat infestation spreads and necessitates immediate rat control.

Professional rat control

Don’t ignore rat infestations. A rat infestation can quickly spread to the rat plague and undermine your hygiene concept such as HACCP or compliance with food hygiene regulations. Systematic rat control measures must be taken here.

The basis of the AAA Termites and Pest Control concept rat control is a structural analysis of points, as a result of sources of immigration of rats, cracks or holes in the masonry, ceilings and doors are closed, as rats squeeze their way through holes just 2 cm in diameter and 60 to 80 cm high and can jump 1 to 1.2 m far. In addition, strategic outdoor baiting and thus combating brown rats on the company premises also create security to prevent future immigration.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offers its customers professional rat control in acute cases and creates the possibility of early detection of an infestation insensitive, e.g. food-related areas (kitchens, production areas, clean rooms, etc.) use of non-toxic solutions against rats is indicated .

As a result, customers receive tailor-made combinations of bait and detection boxes and preparations and active ingredients. This is how AAA Termites and Pest Control ensures successful rat control.

AAA Termites and Pest Control offer you an on-call service that deals with rat control as well as other pest problems in your company or building. It is discreet, fast, effective and guarantees you, your company and your employees the most excellent possible protection and security against pests.

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