Rat poison, rat trap (s), rat bait

What to do about rats? Do you have a rat problem and think of attacking rats with rat poison, rat bait or rat traps, live traps or snap traps? Or do you even want to drive away from the rats with modern ultrasonic waves or catch rats first and then release them far away from your own home? There are many products against rats.

Which products help against rats?

First of all: No product is 100% safe against rats, which guarantees that you will get rid of rats. Most products also fail to deliver what they promise. The result: lost money and sometimes even worse: lost time, as rats multiply at breakneck speed and a real plague of rats may have developed in the house or garden in the meantime.

We’ll give you an overview of what to think of rat traps, rat poison, rat bait and ultrasound machines and whether these products deliver what is promised in flowery advertising copy.

Rat poison/rat bait

Rat poison is mainly used in the form of food or ready-made bait. Such rat baits are often launched in the form of bait bags. Rat poison as bait bags are primarily used outdoors but may only be used in rat bait boxes or rat traps. In addition, it must be prevented that children, pets or farm animals can ingest the rat bait.

In addition to bait bags, so-called drinking baits are used, as rats have to drink water every day (approx. 60 ml), even if their food is exceptionally moist. Therefore, setting up rat poison as drinking bait inside buildings is only recommended if no alternative water sources are available.

There is also contact foam, which is also used inside the building, mostly along walkways, nesting areas, and tight spaces, e.g. wall openings. The contact agent is absorbed by rats through the fur and their typical cleaning reflex.

The main problem with rat poison is that the feeding baits are often not accepted satisfactorily by rats due to alternative food sources. In addition, there is a latent danger for playing with children and pets, mainly if the application and control are not carried out properly, for example, in rat traps. Another problem with rat poison is the increasing development of resistance in rats. However, there are already areas in Germany where rat populations are immune to the effects of rat poison.

Rentokil advises that instead of trying rat poison, it is better to take professional action against rats immediately:

Professional rat control

Rat traps

There is a wide variety of rat traps on the market: from snap traps to live traps—the goal: to catch rats – either dead or alive. In live traps (trip trap systems), normal controls of the rat traps are required at shorter intervals by the Animal Welfare Act. Another type of rat traps is the so-called snap traps, which are provided with rat bait. If the rat triggers the rat trap’s kicking mechanism, it is killed on the spot. Thus, rat traps are a comparatively old way of catching rats.

The main problem with rat traps: If the infestation is more severe, there are always many trap-shy rats, so complete control is not possible. In addition, only a specialist can distinguish between nesting sites, walking routes and whereabouts and thus use rat traps in a targeted and efficient manner and combine them with other products against rats such as rat bait boxes and rat poison.

Rat traps are not 100% reliable and are generally not suitable for eradicating a rat infestation. Rentokil, therefore, recommends using professional, holistic rat control.

Rattrap ultrasound

Devices supposed to help against rats using ultrasound and infrasound waves, vibrations or similar physical properties do not work. Furthermore, all the scientific experiments carried out have clearly shown no causal relationship between the use of such devices and the success of expulsion or the prevention of repopulation by rats. Therefore: Stay away from devices such as ultrasound rat trap and, better still, contact the Rentokil pest experts to carry out professional rat control.

Regardless of whether it is rat poison, rat bait or also rat traps such as live traps or devices such as ultrasound: Many of these self-help products, which are supposed to help against rats, either do not work at all, only if the infestation is low, or the effect is too long in coming. Do not waste precious time or spend unnecessary money on unprofessional hardware store products, which are just as questionable as many home remedies supposed to help against rats. Here it goes to 100% professional rat control.

AutoGate – rat bait station

The innovative rat bait station AutoGate is a system solution for the independent detection of rats. It can be used for the concealed and safe layout of monitoring or bait material indoors and outdoors.

AutoGate is characterised by a locked bait compartment. The gate to this bait compartment only opens if the light barrier is triggered several times within a defined period. The bait bowls are therefore not permanently accessible to non-target animals or unauthorised persons.

The AutoGate rat bait station can only be opened with a unique tool. It is fitted from above via a cover. The bait material is secured inside the rat bait station to prevent it from being carried over and is protected from access in the area separated from the running tunnel.

Rodenticidal bait materials contain the bitter substance Bittrex so that non-target animals avoid this bait.

Safe baiting of rats

The rat bait station is a continuous system that is automatically triggered by an integrated light barrier. AutoGate divides the rat bait station into a pass-through area and  ​​the bait bowls that are not accessible in normal mode.

In normal mode, the gate is locked, and the monitoring or bait materials behind the gate are not accessible.

After triggering both sensors three times within a cycle of seven days, the gate opens and gives access to the bait bowls behind it. After the sensors have been activated, an LED light outside the station flashes red to indicate that the AutoGate has been triggered.

Poison-free early detection of rat infestation

In addition to combating rat infestation with rodenticidal bait formulations, AutoGate can also be used for poison-free early detection with non-toxic detection baits or used entirely without appeal. An electronic display shows the number of runs.

The advantages of AutoGate

The AutoGate rat bait station impresses with its extensive advantages:

  • RMM-compliant pest control – AutoGate is RMM-compliant as part of a system solution and prior advice from a professional pest controller.
  • Safe pest control – the concealed and safe design of the bait material reduces the risk to people, pets and farm animals.
  • Convenient – externally visible display with ID showing when a run was detected.
  • Weatherproof – lockable plastic box with moisture protection.
  • Flexible – Wall or floor mounting of the rat bait station is possible.
  • Complete service and maintenance – Reliable, comprehensive service, including maintenance, on a contractual basis.

Individual advice

Before using the rat bait station, an object-related hazard analysis (OGA) by a knowledgeable Rentokil pest controller is mandatory. In addition, Rentokil recommends that the OGA be updated annually.