Rats are among the most feared hygiene pests worldwide. A rat plague near the house, apartment or garden therefore also poses a risk to the health of people and pets and makes it essential to control rats. Rats spread pathogens, contaminate supplies and food, and damage cables and electrical systems.

The problem: Rats multiply at breakneck speed so that the talk of a rat plague and good advice is expensive. Therefore, it would help if you relied on the professional’s control by AAA Termites and Pest Control.

Fighting rats in the home, garden or company

We’ll tell you which types of rats are dangerous and which ones are specific suggest signs of rat infestation. In addition, we answer the question of which tips and means can be used to ward off or avoid rats and which Products for rat control are good.

Recognize rats in the house

Clearly identify the rat nest and infestation.

Learn how to identify a rate infestation.

Driveaway rats

Learn how to prevent rat infestation

Rat Control: Act Fast!

Rats transmit dangerous diseases and are considered to be material and stored product pests. You can find out what dangers rats can pose here.

Rat plague and the result

In addition to the damage to health, rats can also cause material and financial damage.

Rat poison and rat traps

Find out more about the products against rats

Fight rats

Professional and safe: rat control by the professional

Professional rat control for your company

Protect your employees and operating facilities from the infestation of rats. Rats can transmit diseases, damage cable systems and other electrical devices or – in customer-sensitive industries – specifically damage your company’s reputation.

Rat control in companies

Protect your company with professional rate control

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Recognize rat species

How do I recognize rat infestation?

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