Risk groups and tips Oak processionary moths

For states, cities, districts and municipalities, the dangers posed by the oak processionary moth must be contained as much as possible within the framework of health protection. This includes, in particular, the safety of citizenship in public spaces, which is subject to local authority and is regulated by the local regulatory authorities. Security measures also include educating the public about critical precautionary measures.

Oak processionary moth?

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Areas affected by the oak processionary moth

  • Kindergartens, schools, children’s playgrounds
  • Outdoor swimming pools, sports facilities, campsites, etc.
  • Public green spaces and cemeteries
  • Urban parks, forest areas, local recreation areas
  • Motorways, rest stops, parking lots

Persons affected by the oak processionary moth

  • Residents of affected forest areas
  • Walkers, recreation seekers, hikers and pets in affected areas
  • Visitors to leisure and sports facilities
  • Children on kindergarten and school grounds
  • Motorists on affected roads and highways
  • Employees such as gardeners and landscapers, road maintenance services, green space or cemetery offices, forest workers, etc.

Precautions against the oak processionary moth

  • Signposting of the infested areas, cordoning off affected areas.
  • Avoidance of the infested areas.
  • Never touch web nests or oak processionary caterpillars.
  • Protection of uncovered areas of the body such as the neck, neck, arms and legs.
  • In the event of contact with stinging hair, despite itching, do not scratch, change clothes immediately, use intensive showering and wash your hair thoroughly.
  • Toxic stinging hairs can be removed from the skin with adhesive strips.
  • Put contaminated clothing in the washing machine at 60 degrees to wash out stinging hair.
  • If you encounter poisonous stinging hair and symptoms such as general well-being, allergic reactions, skin rashes, burning eyes, swallowing and breathing difficulties, seek medical advice immediately.

Oak mothAnd in general …

  • Refraining from woodwork such as harvesting and maintenance measures in affected areas, as long as no all-clear has been given acute danger.
  • Active press and public relations work: warning the public of the dangers posed by the oak processionary moth, education about measures to be taken to combat it (application methods, preparations used, etc.)

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