Ship fumigation

AAA Termites and Pest Control fumigation specialists are always used when goods are imported and exported to avoid high costs for replacement deliveries and waiting times due to pest infestation in the ship. The years of experience of our highly qualified service technicians guarantee that we can offer you the very best fumigation services. It is essential to clean the entire vehicle or ship and free it entirely from pests because only then can it be guaranteed that stored goods and products are not attacked and contaminated by pests.

With cargo fumigation, all (empty and loaded) cargo compartments/cargo loads on the ship or only specific areas in the ship’s superstructure are treated and protected from pests.


  • Treatment of export goods – For export, the cargo holds of the ship must be examined for cleanliness and pest activity before loading. If there are signs of pest infestation, fumigation is essential. It is also possible that goods and products in the cargo holds are infested and fumigated.
  • Treatment of imported goods – Imported goods may have been infected with pests before they were loaded. Under American import regulations, freight (and the ship itself) must be free from pests and diseases.

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