Silo fumigation

Storage pests are often found in grain silos. Silo fumigation is a safe and inexpensive method of protecting large volumes of grain from pests. The problems are reliably combated in all stages of development and all hidden habitats. The gases used by 

AAA Termites and Pest Control are residue-free and do not have any adverse effects on your grain stocks. Silo fumigation takes place in compliance with the American food guidelines.

Pressure tests in silos

Silos must have specific pressure properties so that the products in the silo are suitable for this type of fumigation. You don’t need to be pressure tested before every treatment. However, inspection is recommended before each use. The pressure should be measured every six months or after every change.

The advantages of silo fumigation

  • The successful killing of pests in all stages of development
  • Highly qualified specialist staff
  • Handling of vast storage quantities is possible
  • Time-saving method
  • Residue-free process
  • Compliance with food guidelines

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