Tips and remedies against ants


What helps against ants in the house or the apartment? How do you fight ants? Are there any practical tips? As soon as one has discovered the uninvited guests, one wonders whether effective remedies or home remedies against ants can actively and effectively drive ants away or prevent them from entering and nesting in the house or apartment. The answer is yes! Help against ants in the apartment or the house; offer a whole range of natural remedies and home remedies suitable for repelling ants. The safest method, however, is professional ant control by our pest experts.»

Ants in the house? In this way, you can prevent ants sustainably.

Sustainable help against ants starts with simple rules of conduct and the removal of structural weak points to ward off ants:

  • The attraction of ants must be prevented – for example, pets’ food bowls or fruit bowls with fruit should be emptied regularly. Used dishes should be rinsed, put in the dishwasher and locked. Also, remove leftover food that has fallen on the floor.
  • Food and supplies – in pantries and refrigerators should not be stored open but in airtight containers. Even refrigerator seals are no problem for ants.
  • Sealing – The sealing of joints and masonry openings using approved, solid sealing agents is a tried and tested means against ants and prevents further inflow. Window and door seals should be checked for leaks from time to time – and not just for energy reasons.
  • Garbage and garbage – should only be collected in locked bins and disposed of daily.
  • Ant trails – track and identify and eliminate the food source in the house or apartment.
  • Compost bins and “brown bins” – in the garden should be lockable. This not only helps against ants but also against other flying or stinging insects.
  • Nest building – against ants and their nests under the road slabs in the garden and on the terrace helps to use gravel instead of sand.

Fighting ants in the apartment and the house: Top 7 remedies against ants

What helps against ants in the house? Once ants have entered, good advice is expensive. Now it is essential to remain calm and clarify the following questions: What kind of ant is it, the (current) source of food in the house or apartment, how do the ants get into the house, and where is the ant nest?

Home remedies to repel ants offer help against ants. In addition to the good old baking powder against ants. We introduce you to essential home remedies to drive away ants.

  1. If there is a giant ant population in your own home, do not hesitate and let the ants be fought. This applies in particular to the species pharaoh ants and wood ants. AAA Termite and Pest Control pest experts specialize in ant control.»
  2. The most famous home remedy for ants in the house is undoubtedly baking soda. Usually, this is mixed with an attractant such as sugar. Ants eat the mixture and die. Allegedly, the current composition of baking powder is said to have reduced its effectiveness against ants.
  3. Ants have a highly acute sense of smell. Strongly scented substances and household remedies such as garlic, cinnamon powder, lavender, cloves, juniper, chervil, thyme, marjoram, lemon, vinegar, or essential oils are specially mixed ant oil are said to help as an ant repellent and help others Drive away walkways.
  4. Luring ants with a sugar solution or syrup and vacuuming and removing them with a standard vacuum cleaner eliminates ants in the apartment or house.
  5. Help against ants promises to eliminate all potential opportunities for ants to hatch. Gaps, cracks and joints in the masonry should be closed. With glue-based adhesive barriers on windows, doors, an effective entry barrier against ants can be created.
  6. Chalk is said to work as a remedy against ants, as they supposedly do not run over this barrier.
  7. In the case of wood-destroying species of ants, a building expert should be consulted—further information: AAA Termite and Pest Control wood pest control.

What helps against ants in the garden and the lawn?

This is how you can enjoy your picnic without worries:

  • Try to avoid sticky or sweet foods – ants love sweets. Her favourite foods include grapes, melons, fruit juices, sodas, and flower nectars. Ants can quickly recognize sugar in such foods and immediately start looking for them. If you can’t imagine your picnic without a watermelon or sugary drinks, make sure you keep them in tightly closed containers so the ants can’t smell the sugar.
  • Choose Your Picnic Location Carefully – Before committing to a picnic location, look around for ants. If you see many ants, it won’t be long before they find your food. There should also be at least 15 meters between the picnic location of your choice and any garbage cans.
  • Use Natural Scents to Scare Ants – Many natural scents you can use if you want to keep ants away from your picnic. Ants hate the vinegar smell. It also breaks an ant’s scent markings to not communicate with other colony members or find its way back to eating. Rub some vinegar into your tablecloth to keep the ants away.
  • You can get the same result with a lemon, and it smells much better, so consider adding a little lemon juice to your picnic table instead of vinegar. Ants don’t like the smell of mint either, so that you could spray yourself and your table with a bit of mint- or menthol-based mouthwash. Ants also don’t like the smell of rosemary or garlic.
  • Narrow away – to get to your food while ants stubbornly try; you can stop them by building a barrier around your picnic area. If you are eating at a picnic table, place the feet of your picnic table in larger containers filled with water. Ants do not like water and do not cross it to get to your food. If you’re on a picnic blanket, sprinkle a ring of chalk or talcum powder around it. Ants also don’t like climbing over these substances.
  • Distract the ants – Before you start your picnic, place a plate of watermelon peel or bowl of sugar water a few feet away from where you are eating. If ants find these sweet treats, they will most likely focus on them and not want to eat the items you brought for your picnic.
house ants
house ants

When you’re headed to the park for your next picnic, keep these helpful tips in mind so that those pesky ants don’t ruin your perfect day.

If the ant nest is inside the building, e.g. inside the masonry, walls, stairs, etc., you shouldn’t lose any time and notify the AAA Termite and Pest Control pest experts. In such a case, tips against ants will not help. Here the nest should be professionally removed, and an ant control initiated.