Tips against a cockroach infestation

Help, I’ve got cockroaches all over the house! What can I do? When the first shock has passed, the first thing to do is to keep a cool head. Cockroaches have probably found their way into your home through packaging materials, food, or even used furniture or electrical appliances. The cause can also come from the neighbourhood, as cockroaches like to spread through supply shafts. The introduction of cockroaches via holiday and travel luggage is also conceivable.

If you have a cockroach infestation, there are several important rules of conduct to follow:

  • First things first: Report a cockroach infestation to the property management company or the owner immediately. Cockroaches multiply very quickly. Usually, several apartments are affected. Rentokil specializes in cockroach control measures and is there for you at any time on Tel. +330 723-2515 (0 ct./min.).
  • Isolate all possible entrances to your living area. Cockroaches enter your home primarily through cracks in doors and cracks in supply shafts for water pipes, cables, ventilation, etc.
  • Seal all conceivable joints and cracks in masonry, walls, end strips and, for the time being, the sockets in the kitchen unit.
  • Cockroaches love it warm and humid. You should, therefore, repeatedly ventilate the affected rooms and turn the heating down.
  • If you have recently returned from a vacation trip: Take all your vacation luggage, including clothing, shake it out outside the apartment and examine all parts for residues of cockroaches (insects, moulting residues, eggs, etc.).

The safest way to stop cockroaches is to deprive them of their livelihood, especially water and food:

  • Only keep food in sealed containers or bags.
  • Immediately wipe away any food residue or leftovers.
  • Remove food residue from under stoves and refrigerators.
  • Wash used dishes and pots after use.
  • Do not leave pet food bowls around after eating, and put away water bowls and cat or dog toilets overnight.
  • Waste should be removed from the home every day and placed in locked garbage cans or waste containers.
  • Stow rubbish or compost in locked containers.
  • Do not leave diapers or dirty laundry lying around openly.
  • Do not leave water in sinks or buckets overnight.