New: Lumnia UV-LED fly traps

With Lumnia, the future of fly control is available today. With its highly innovative and patented UV-LED lamp technology, Lumnia fly traps are entering a new era. The powerful and long-range UV-LED lamps emit light precisely in the spectrum perceived by flies. In this way, Lumnia achieves the best catch quotas with low operating costs. The modern, appealing premium design also blends in with high quality in any ambience.

The Lumnia product range currently includes four high-quality fly traps: Lumnia Slim, Lumnia Compact, Lumnia Standard and Lumnia Ultimate. All four are available now, only at AAA Termites and Pest Control.

UV-LED: The new reference for fly traps

Lumnia is the ultimate flying insect repellent. Our decades of experience as a global market and technology leader in pest control have been incorporated into the development. Lumnia sets new standards in trapping efficiency for flying insects, energy consumption and product design.

Thanks to the highly innovative, patented UV-LED technology, Lumnia effectively attracts and eliminates annoying flying insects. The Lumnia Pro model variant also offers encapsulation technology – for the highest hygiene requirements and audit support. Lumnia protects your company from hygienic hazards, minimizes economic risks and also lowers your operating costs.

The AAA Termites and Pest Control Lumnia LED flying insect traps light the way into modern fly control.

Maximum catch quotas. Minimal energy consumption. Best design.

Lumnia sets new standards in the defence against flies / flying insects:

  • Design – modern premium design, versatile
  • Patented – highly efficient fly trapping solution with worldwide patent protection
  • Range – UV-LED lamp technology with a significantly extended capture radius *
  • Trapping Effect – Optimized for the perception of flying insects for maximum trapping rates
  • Energy-saving – Up to 61% less energy consumption thanks to LED and energy-saving technology *
  • Discreet – visual protection against contamination of sensitive production areas by falling insects (parts)
  • Protected – LED tubes with a seamlessly break, penetration and splinter-proof cover. Lumnia has been certified according to the IP65 standard and is therefore dust-proof and water-protected, even with oncoming water jets.
  • Audit – Lumnia Pro: Encapsulation module for identification and evidence logging for audits

Lumnia UV-LED fly traps reduce your operating costs as well as your economic, monetary and health risks (depending on the device).

* Tested by AAA Termites and Pest Control experts in comparison to conventional devices

The flytrap designed for businesses

The Lumnia product line was developed to satisfy even the highest demands of companies. The flying insect traps rely on the latest technology and meet all standard requirements that our customers need for their business:

  • AIB – Confirmation
  • HACCP – compliance
  • Food hygiene – suitable

For example, the Lumnia fly trapping systems are ideally suited for use in the catering, hotel or food retail sectors. With its versatile premium look, Lumnia also fits in high quality in your rooms.

Do you have special requirements or problems with flying insects in your company? We advise you without obligation.