Successful vole control by the professionals

A vole infestation is often annoying for those affected: Planted beds or the beloved lawn suddenly look very withered. The reason is mainly hidden and only partially visible: vole exits. The burrowing rodents can hide underground under the whole property without being noticed. Many species are widespread in Germany, the pattern of which is mainly evident from subsurface feeding damage. Preferably roots and tubers are the targets of the animals. But not only low plants but also entire fruit trees can fall victim to them. The plant roots eaten in this way can no longer transport sufficient water and are more easily attacked by plant diseases. Clear signs can include severely wilting lawn sections,

In the role of a pest controller, AAA Termites and Pest Control is obliged to ensure the protection of other animals, the so-called non-target animals, in addition to the success of a control measure. For example, it is essential to distinguish its traces from those of the protected species to distinguish mole when fighting vole. Although its passages are similar to those of voles, they are protected by large, regularly renewed ejecta piles. For this reason, it is difficult to detect a vole infestation early on, as vole extensions can often be overlooked in the edge areas of the site. If there are traces of a mole, other measures must be taken.

Control of voles by AAA Termites and Pest Control

For every assignment, the responsible service employee must carry out a detailed inspection of the area in advance. It should be sure and established that it is actually about voles act. You must give the responsible service technician sufficient access to the entire site. Only experts can determine with certainty whether it is actually a vole infestation or whether other animals may be unnecessarily endangered by the use. Our service employees can assess the infestation situation and take appropriate measures. This work includes, among other things, the analysis of the infestation based on various tracks or the course of the tunnels.

Vole control can be initiated in various ways. However, in order not to release any active substances into the environment in the first place, preventive measures should always have priority. Voles feel at home where there is readily available food and water. For example, areas with a nearby water source, a near-natural pond or a stream are preferred. In such places, the risk of infestation is high and knowledgeable garden owners have the opportunity to take precautionary measures in advance: For example, plants should be protected by a buried wireframe as far as possible. For more information, see Remedies against voles. The infestation prevented in this way has two advantages: 1. The corrosion and thus damage to the plants are prevented. 2. The animals will have a hard time spreading across the site because there is no readily available food, making settlement much less likely.

In some cases, some preventive measures are of minor success, and the control of the animals seems inevitable. The power of voles should only be left to experts because only they can interpret the corresponding traces and are familiar with the animals’ way of life. It is precisely here that those voles must be identified. The control agent’s choice depends mainly on its method of use and its effect. The improper preparation can, under certain circumstances, target the wrong species. Our knowledgeable service technicians know how different practices work and can choose the right one. For example, it is essential to understand how the animals feed and what on. Targeted control can take place on this basis.

The fight against voles is carried out, among other things, using special food lenses, which are picked up and eaten by the animals. This procedure ensures that only the animals intended for traps and bait are fought. This makes it easier to ensure that only the intended courses are baited and, for example, no mole is affected.


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