Vole control for businesses

Fighting voles is a significant problem for many people in charge in communities (green spaces, cemeteries), hotels, golf courses or outdoor swimming pools: voles cause considerable damage by eating their roots on fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants. We recommend that you have voles fought as quickly as possible so that the vegetation in your well-tended outdoor areas can recover. Voles in the garden? Information for private households.

Voles are vegetarians and feed on parts of plants, juicy roots, tubers, bulbs, vegetables, etc. Voles dig a widely branched system of ducts that run close to the surface and deprive your crops of their livelihood by eating their roots. The attempt to fight a vole by using vole traps or ultrasound usually fails, so professional measures to combat voles are required.

First signs

  • Holes on open land
  • Elongated, flat heaps of earth, broken tunnels and earth passages
  • Soft, yielding soil
  • Sinking sidewalk and stone slabs
  • Traces of eating on roots and tree bark, plants then tip over and perish

Possible damage

  • Health hazards from pathogens
  • Trip hazard. Danger to humans and animals from holes in the ground
  • Damage to cultivated land
  • Loss of plantings

Economic consequences

  • Loss of plants and young trees that perish due to root corrosion
  • High renovation costs for destroyed green spaces and horticulture
  • Acute risk of accident! Actions for damages
  • Failure of membership and usage fees for sports and leisure facilities
  • Damage to goods, food and reputation from voles invading buildings

Fight voles professionally

Voles spread exceptionally quickly. Combating them is complex and demanding. So don’t waste any more time and leave that to you to contact the professionals at Rentokil for the fight against vole! Well-tended green spaces come into their own again, the grass and cultivated land, as well as the plants, recover.

The control of voles should only be left to experts because only they can interpret the corresponding traces and are familiar with the animals’ way of life. For every vole control, the responsible service technician carries out a precise inspection of the area in advance. He should make sure that they are voles.

Our service technicians can assess the infestation situation and take appropriate measures. This work includes, among other things, the analysis of the infestation based on various tracks or the course of the tunnels. The subsequent choice of the control agent is heavily dependent on its method of use and its effect. Targeted control can take place on this basis.

For more information on controlling voles or arranging an appointment with one of our competent pest experts, please call us free of chargeTel. +330 723-2515.